Main uses of calcium aluminate refining slag

The molten calcium aluminate refining slag (premelted aluminum calcium slag) is mainly used to remove sulfur, oxygen and other impurities in molten steel during LF furnace, open hearth furnace and converter ladle refining

Calcium aluminate calcium aluminate

It is suitable for common carbon steel, high carbon steel, high and low alloy steel. It has been widely used in foreign countries, such as Korea, Japan, Europe and America.

The electric melting calcium aluminate produced by Jiaxin company has uniform chemical composition, low melting point and fast melting speed, which can shorten the smelting time; it does not contain fluorine and does not corrode furnace lining and ladle; it is compact in structure, does not absorb water and is convenient for storage and transportation; due to its stable phase and fast slag forming, it can reduce the dust pollution to iron and steel plants and stabilize the refining process in an all-round way; No hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and other impurities are found, which is beneficial to improve the quality of steel. It has been proved by users that the curve function of service stability of fused calcium aluminate products with time is almost a straight line. It can avoid many maladjustment phenomena caused by wavy and zigzag curve functions of medium and low-grade products (sintered products and cupola products).