Advantages of using method grade of formed refining slag

The advantages of sintering refining slag.

Because of its strong reducibility, the synthetic slag itself has a strong deoxidizing ability. In the coordination of (FE Si Si Mn), it can effectively remove oxygen from steel. Moreover, the slag can adsorb solid deoxidation products and float together. In addition, because the synthetic slag is a strong alkali slag, it can deoxidize and desulphurize at the same time. It can complete the task of diffusion deoxidation in the furnace in a few minutes, and achieve the goal of fast deoxidation and desulfurization.

1. The premelted refining slag has high purity, uniform chemical composition, stable phase, low melting point and fast slag forming speed, which can greatly shorten the refining time;

2. Fluorine or a small amount of fluorine in the premelted refining slag can reduce the lining erosion and effectively reduce the environmental pollution caused by fluorine;

3. The lower the melting temperature, the higher the superheat, the better the fluidity and the faster the desulfurization reaction.

Sintering refining slag has more advantages than premelted refining slag

1. The melting point is low, the melting speed is fast, the refining time is shortened and the refining power consumption is reduced.

2. It has good fluidity and strong ability of desulphurizing and removing inclusions.

3. No flame, little dust and good safety.

4. No water absorption, no pulverization, no deterioration during storage and transportation.

5. The results show that the effect of submerged arc is good, the erosion of arc on furnace is reduced and the ladle life is increased.

Through the above comparison, it can be seen that the premelted refining slag is much better than the sintering refining slag in terms of time and utilization efficiency. In the long run, it can bring considerable economic benefits to enterprises